When our founder, Cari Newton, was asked to help organize a collection drive in 2016 for some local school children with food insecurities on the weekends... the idea for Benevolist.org was born.

Believing there must be a better way to organize and manage item collection drives, Cari began work on creating one. The result? Benevolist.org, a technology solution that harnesses the power of online shopping for doing good. Our free tool allows nonprofits to specify their exact needs and eliminates guesswork for donors who want to help in a way that makes a difference, without creating waste.

Cari has a degree in Marketing from the University of North Carolina – Wilmington and more than three decades of experience working in advertising, promotions, and sales. She has a passion and track record for creating collaborative solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

“Getting the right items to the right people at the right time is at the core of Benevolist.org. This is why we say that this is “purchasing that matters”.

“Backpack Buddies” Packing Event
Raleigh, North Carolina 2016