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Maximizing Giving Tuesday Impact: A Guide for Nonprofits Using

Cari Newton, Founder & President,

November, 24 2023

Giving Tuesday, a global day of charitable giving, has become a pivotal moment for nonprofits to engage their communities and generate support. While monetary donations are crucial, in-kind gifts can also play a significant role in furthering the mission of many organizations. is a powerful platform that empowers nonprofits to efficiently manage and maximize the impact of their Giving Tuesday gift-in-kind item collection drives. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using and provide a step-by-step guide for nonprofits looking to make the most of this innovative tool.

The Power of In-Kind Donations:
In-kind donations, or non-monetary contributions of goods and services, can be a game-changer for nonprofits. They can range from essential supplies and equipment to everyday basics that directly support the organization's mission. Giving Tuesday provides an excellent opportunity to harness the spirit of generosity within communities, and is here to streamline the process. - A Hub for Good: serves as a centralized platform designed to connect nonprofits with donors willing to contribute in-kind items. By leveraging technology, the platform simplifies the process of item collection and enhances the overall experience for both nonprofits and donors.

Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing Giving Tuesday Impact:

  1. Create a Account:
    • Visit and sign up for an account. It’s completely free to use and takes just a few minutes!
  2. Build a Compelling Campaign:
    • Craft a compelling campaign description that clearly communicates your organization's mission and the purpose of the collection drive. Providing details helps donors understand how their contributions will make a difference.
  3. Specify Needed Items:
    • Select the specific items and quantities your organization needs. This helps to avoid surpluses and ensures that you receive exactly what’s needed for your nonprofit’s collection drive.
  4. Share Your Campaign:
    • Utilize social media, email newsletters, and other communication channels to promote your campaign. You know the most effective ways to reach your donor base. Engage with your community and encourage them to spread the word. This step is crucial for the success of your drive!
  5. Provide Updates and Say Thank You:
    • Regularly update your supporters on the progress of your collection drive. And because provides you with real-time donation data, express gratitude for each donation received, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation among your community. Thanking your donors builds stronger relationships.

Conclusion: offers nonprofits a valuable tool to optimize their Giving Tuesday in-kind item collection drives. By embracing technology and providing a user-friendly interface, this platform reduces time and effort for everyone while helping to increase your donor participation. As you prepare for Giving Tuesday, consider harnessing the power of in-kind donations with, maximizing the impact of your organization's mission. Together, we can turn generosity into meaningful change through helping people in need.

For more information you can contact Cari at She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband Craig, teenage son Jonah, and little yellow dog Bailey.

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